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Admin 8/31/2021
Some cell phone providers like Sprint and Affinity Cellular offer AAA cell phone discounts for their customers who are AAA members. AAA phones and AAA cell phone plans are good ways to get discounts on your cell phone bill and save some money. Here we’ll tell you about the AAA phone plans and deals and review Sprint AAA discount, Affinity Cellular AAA, answering the question does Verizon offer AAA discount and more.

AAA cell phone Discounts

Sprint AAA Discount

AAA members can get discounts and other benefits from Sprint Wireless. You can get discounts on Sprint accessories and get a free AAA Classic or basic membership renewals. Details as below

Sprint AAA Discounts and Benefits
  • As long as you’ve at least one line in your account is on the Sprint Unlimited Plus or the Unlimited Premium price plan, you’ll get a free AAA Classic or basic membership renewals.
  • You get up to 25% discounts on most of Sprint cell phone accessories. There’re some limitations, brands such as Apple, smartwatches, Beats, and other iconic accessories are not included.

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How to Apply
After activating your Sprint account you can register at within thirty days.

What If I have an AAA Plus membership or have the AAA Premier membership?

Sprint will only add a credit for the Classic or Basic membership value to your AAA account and you’re must pay the remaining value.

The Sprint AAA discount is applied in a period between 4 and 6 weeks after you register at

Affinity Cellular AAA Cell Phone Plans

Affinity Cellular is a wireless company that used to offer specially designed plans for AAA members for more than 25 years. With this provider, AAA members get affordable cell phone plans that cost about $22 per month on average.

Affinity Cellular AAA Service Benefits
  • AAA members can get affordable cell phone plans that cost about $22 per month and per line on average
  • No-contract cell phone plans, you can cancel any time.
  • You can change your plan at any time.
  • You get a lifetime warranty for any phone you purchase from Affinity Cellular.
  • If you’re not satisfied you can get your money back within the first 45-days.
  • You get free calls to AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance.
  • For more information, you can check out our Affinity Cellular review.

Verizon AAA Discount

If you’re asking about a Verizon AAA discount, Verizon doesn’t offer discounts or benefits for AAA members. But if you’re a senior citizen, Verizon Wireless does offer a discounted cell phone plan for seniors, you can check out the Verizon 55 plus plans for seniors.

Consumer Cellular AAA Discounts

Also, Consumer Cellular doesn't offer AAA discount at the current time but if you're an AARP member you can get many discounts and benefits with Consumer Cellular. For more information visit Consummer Cellular AARP discounts.

AAA is the American Automobile Association, Inc. it’s a non-profit organization that offers discounts and deals to its members in most of the life fields and offers road assistance.

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