Verizon Wireless Plans for Seniors 2020 - Verizon 65 Plus Plan | Verizon 55+ Plan

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Verizon Wireless responds to the T-Mobile 55+ plan with the Verizon 55 plus plan. The new plan targeted towards senior citizens and offers most of the Verizon Go Unlimited plans features at discounted rates. The Verizon 55 plus plan represents a Verizon senior discount and allows you to save up to $50 per month compared to the Verizon standard plan. Unlike the old Verizon senior plan, which called Verizon 65 plus plan, this plan is for basic and smartphone users. Let’s review the Verizon Wireless plans for seniors showing their features, cost, who is eligible, and how to apply and tell you what is the Verizon 65 plus plan.

Verizon Wireless Plans for Seniors

Verizon Wireless Plans for Seniors 2020

Verizon 55 Plus Plan Reviews

The Verizon 55+ plan is an unlimited plan for seniors and Coverage is given by the reliable, high-speed Verizon's nationwide wireless network. The Verizon 55 plus offers unlimited talk, text, and high speed 4G LTE data for $60 per month for the first line with autopay discount applied. You can get the two lines for $80 per month with the autopay discount. But you have to remember the taxes and fees are not included.

On the other hand, the Verizon Go Unlimited plan (the standard plan) offers a single line for $75 per month with an autopay discount and two lines for $130 per month with an autopay discount.

So, if you get one line, you save $15 per month and if you get two lines, you save $50 per month.

At the beginning the plan is only available at Florida, then Verizon Wireless makes it available in Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Detroit, and Michigan.

Number of lines Verizon 55+ unlimited plan Verizon Go Unlimited standard plan
One line
$60 per month
$75 per month
Two lines
$80 per month
$130 per month

Verizon 55 + Plan Details
  • Unlimited talk, text, and high speed 4G LTE data.
  • Streaming at DVD Quality.
  • Unlimited Hotspot at 600 kbps speed.
  • Service to Mexico and Canada included in the plan.

Who is eligible for the Verizon 55 Plus Plans?
To get the plan the account owner should meet the below requirements:
  • The account holder's age must be 55 or over.
  • Have one phone or two phones on your account (depending on the numbers of lines in your account).
  • Two lines are the maximum number of lines available in this plan.
  • The account must have a Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Texas or Detroit, Michigan, billing address.

Current customers can switch by calling the Verizon customer service at this number (800) 922-0204 or visiting the nearest Verizon store.

To get the plan, if you are a new Verizon customer, you can sign up online or by calling the Verizon customer service or visiting a local Verizon store. Your account will be activated after verifying your eligibility.

Phone options
You have two options
  • You can bring your own phone, which must be compatible with Verizon’s network.
  • You can purchase a phone from Verizon Wireless. Check out the Verizon phones for seniors.

Verizon Senior Plan

Here is a preview of the Verizon 65 plus plan is a nationwide plan and is no longer available for new customers.

What Is The Verizon 65 Plus Plan?

The Verizon nationwide 65 plus plan is a two years contract plan and is offered for the 65 and older seniors with no domestic long distance charges, and unlimited national mobile to mobile minutes to Verizon mobility customers. This Verizon senior plan is designed to meet the older senior’s usage trends, seniors over 65 years old are usually not a big cell phone user and most of them don’t use the text message or the data services. So, Verizon wireless offers a low price voice cell phone plan for seniors with the ability to add text or data plans when needed. With the Verizon nationwide 65 plus plan you have the option to get only the voice plan or add any of the available messages or data plans. The Verizon senior plan needs $35 as one-time activation.

Voice Plans- Verizon Cell Phone Plans for Seniors
The Verizon senior plan offers two voice plans:

The single-line voice plan offers 200 anytime minutes along with 500 minutes available on nights from 9:00 PM to 5:59 AM and weekend for $30 per month. If you exceed the allowed minutes, you will pay 45¢/Minute as overage charges.

The two lines, voice share plan offers 450 anytime minutes a month along with 1000 minutes available on nights and weekend from 9:00 PM Friday to 5:59 AM Monday for only $60 per month. Also, you will pay 45¢/Minute as overage charges in a case of exceeding the allowed minutes.

Talk plans features
  • Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forward, and Voice Mail.
  • No domestic long distance charges.
  • Unlimited national mobile to mobile minutes.

Massage plans – Verizon Plans for Seniors
The message plans are the same for both the single line and the two share line plans. You can pay per message, 20¢/Text Message, or 25¢/Multimedia Message or get 1000 messages a month for $10 per month with 10¢/Message as overage charges if you exceed the allowed messages if you are messages big fan you can get unlimited text for only $20 per month.

Data plans
The data plans are the same for both the single line and the two share line plans.

Basic cell phone data plans
  • Pay as you go $2/MB.
  • Get 75MB for $10. If you exceed the allowed data limits you will pay $10/75MB.

Smartphone data plans
  • For light data senior users who use their cell phones for connecting to social media, checking email, and light web surfing the 2 GB data monthly plan, which is available for $30 per month is the best choice. Overage charges are $10/1GB.
  • For seniors who like browsing the web, streaming music, and videos, the 5 GB data monthly plan, which is available for $50 a month maybe the right start. If your usage rate is more than 5 GB a month you should upgrade to a plan with more data to avoid overage charges which are $10/1GB.

Verizon 65 plus Data plans – Verizon Senior Plans
The Verizon senior plan has 8 data plans, you can check them on the below table

Verizon 65 plus plan

Note: if you’re on the Verizon nationwide 65+ plan and using data you should consider switching to the new Verizon 55+ plan to save money.

Verizon Senior Discounts 2020

The Verizon Unlimited 55+ plan is considered a Verizon senior discount because you can save up to $50 per month. But if you’re not eligible for this plan for a reason or another you may need to check out the Verizon Lifeline program to get a monthly discount. For more information, you can visit the Verizon Lifeline program.

Bottom Line
The Verizon senior plan may be a good Verizon deal for seniors and represents a Verizon senior discount for both basic and smartphone users. Unlike the 55+ plans from other providers it’s restricted to specific states so, if you are not eligible you can check out the T-Mobile 55 plus plans, AT&T 55 plus plan, or Sprint 55 plus plan.

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