AT&T AARP Discount - AARP AT&T Discount

Admin 5/08/2019
AARP members are eligible to receive a 10% discount on their monthly charges from AT&T Wireless, and about 15% off eligible wireless accessories. AT&T customers who have an active AARP membership and can prove it can get the AT&T AARP discount. The offer has some limitations, to know them and find out how to get the discount, keep reading.

AT&T AARP Discount

AT&T Wireless isn’t the only cell phone provider that has an agreement with the AARP organization, AARP has another deal with Consumer Cellular, to know more about the Consumer Cellular AARP discount you may need to check out the AARP phone discounts.

AT&T AARP Discount

As mentioned before, if you’re an AT&T Wireless customer, with your AARP membership card you can save up 10% on your voice and data plans monthly charges. You can also save up to 15% off eligible phone accessories.

AARP AT&T Discount Summary

  • 10% on your voice and data plans monthly charges.
  • Up to $45 waived activation or upgrade fees.
  • Up to 15% off eligible phone accessories.

The AARP AT&T discount is not applied to the shared plans, which come with data package less than 300 Megabyte. Also, unlimited voice plans are not included in the offer. The third limitation is the overages, which are excluded from the deal.

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Two Ways to Get the Discount

The first way: go to an AT&T Wireless store with your AARP membership card and ask them to apply it to your account. We recommend you to call 888.998.8310 before you go to save you time.

Remember: The AARP Benefit Code is 6039461

The second way: is to subscribe to the offer online by visiting the AARP website, for more information you can visit the AT&T website (

In case of the eligibility is proved, the AT&T AARP discount will be applied after a period (up to two billing cycles).

Wishing this brief article help AT&T Wireless customers to taking advantage of the AT&T AARP discount.

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