AT&T Phone Plans for Seniors 2020 - AT&T Senior Discount Plans

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Here is a detailed review of the AT&T phone plans for seniors and the available AT&T senior discounts. AT&T wireless network provides nationwide coverage and is considered one of the reliable wireless networks in the United States. The AT&T senior plans 2020 designed to meet the senior citizens' usage, also, we’ll talk about the AT&T senior discount plans for the AARP members to help seniors save more money. Below is a preview for the voice, text messages, and the data plans.

AT&T phone plans for seniors 2019

AT&T Phone Plans for Seniors

Unlicke the other three major cell phone provides (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) AT&T Wireless doesn’t offer a 55 plus unlimited plan for seniors and only offers the Senior Nation 200 plans for senior citizens who are 65 years old and above. But AT&T still offers monthly discount for seniors who are AARP members. Below is the preview of the AT&T plans for seniors and the AARP discount.
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AT&T Senior Plans 2020

The AT&T senior plan is called senior nation 200 plan and is considered one of the popular cell phone plans for seniors, which is a two years contract plan offered for 65 years old senior citizens and older. The AT&T senior plan offers a reduced cost per minute voice plan for seniors who used their phones only for talking. And gives seniors who use their cell phones for text messaging or need to be connected to the internet the ability to add a separate text message plan or data plan as they need.

The Voice Plan- AT&T Wireless Plans for Seniors

The AT&T senior plan provides 200 anytime minutes per month for $29.99 a month, along with 500 minutes available at nights and weekend; nights minutes are available from 9:00 PM to 5:59 AM and Weekend minutes are available from 9:00 PM Friday to 5:59 AM Monday. With this plan, AT&T offers unlimited calling to AT&T mobility customers (this feature is considered a promotional offering). If you need more minutes you can get additional minutes for $0.45/min. International calls or roaming incurs long distance charges. Also, you get features like:
  • Free Nationwide Long Distance and Roaming.
  • Call Waiting, Forwarding and Caller ID.
  • Free voicemail.
Messages Plans - AT&T Cell Phone Plans for Seniors
  • Pay as you go, 20 cents per text message, and 30 cents per multimedia message.
  • Get unlimited text messages for $20 per month.
  • International messaging plans start as little as $10 per month. You can send messages to up to 200 countries.
Data Plans - AT&T Senior Cell Phone Plans

The data plans offered by the AT&T senior plan are powered by the AT&T 4G network. The 2 GB is available for $25 a month and is suitable for light internet users or seniors who need data for social media. For heavy internet senior users, the 4.5 GB monthly plan may be the right choice and will cost $45 a month. Additional data are also available for $10/GB.

AT&T Senior Plans Fees
  • Regulatory cost recovery charge up to $1.25 a month.
  • $36 as one-time activation fee.
  • Location tracking service fee is $10 a month.
  • The mobile insurance fee is $5 a month.
  • The enhanced voicemail fee is $2 a month.
  • The termination fee is $325

AT&T Senior Discount Plans

AT&T Wireless is the only carrier of the four major carriers that offers %10 monthly senior discount through the AARP membership so, if you are an AARP member you can get AT&T AARP cell phone discount.

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