Best Cell Phones for Seniors 2019

Admin 8/10/2019
Finding the best cell phones for seniors can be a little confusing. Since most of the cell phone providers became interested in developing advanced smartphones. But there are a few companies that focus on the seniors' market and realize that the senior citizens still need to keep in touch using senior-friendly cell phones. Here we’ll review the best cell phones and smartphones for seniors in 2019, the cell phones listed here are suitable for almost all the senior citizens and fit their unique needs, check out the phones features to find what fits your needs or fits the person you care about needs.

best cell phones for seniors

Jitterbug Flip - Best flip Phones for Seniors 2019

The Jitterbug Flip is an easy-to-use cell phone that includes almost all the recommended features for a cell phone for senior citizens such as a big screen; high contrast, colored screen (3.4 inches), displays large, easy-to-read characters.

Jitterbug Flip phone for seniors
  • Big buttons: back-lit keypad with big, easy to press buttons.
  • Easy menu navigation: all you have to do is answering questions with the Yes or No buttons.
  • Enhanced sound system: Powerful, loudspeaker and hearing aid compatible with M4/T4 Rating.
  • 5-star alert button: call for help anytime (with any safety and health plan from GreatCall).
  • Long lasting battery: Lithium-ion battery, comes with 1,780 mAh capacity.
  • Other features: voice dial capability, an external display for notifications, a built-in 2-megapixel camera with flash, built-in LED flashlight, GPS, Bluetooth, and built-in 1GB memory.
The Jitterbug Flip supports CDMA SIM card and comes in two colors red and graphite by GreatCall for $100. GreatCall offers a well-designed cell phone plans for seniors make the Jitterbug Flip one of the best cell phones for seniors.

Doro PhoneEasy 626 - Best Cell Phone for Seniors 2019

The Doro PhoneEasy 626 is a flip cell phone for seniors offered by consumer cellular, which provides optimized phone plans for senior citizens.

Doro phoneEasy 626

Here're the Doro PhoneEasy key features
  • High contrast, color display with large characters and numbers.
  • Big, well-spaced keypad buttons with big numbers.
  • Powerful, loudspeaker.
  • Compatible with hearing aid devices.
  • Long lasting battery up to 6 hours of talk time.
  • Safety features: programmable emergency call button for help and Speed dial shortcut buttons.
  • Other features: external display, basic built-in 2-megapixel camera, flashlight, FM Radio, Supports external Micro SD card.
The Doro PhoneEasy 626 supports GSM SIM card and considered one of the best cell phones for seniors; you can get it for only $50 with any prepaid plan from Consumer Cellular which is the major company offers the AARP cell phones for seniors.

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