AARP Jitterbug Phone - What Cell Phone Does aarp Recommend for Seniors?

Admin 9/06/2020
We have received many questions about AARP discounts on the Jitterbug phones and the Jitterbug cell phone plans. In a previous article, we discussed the available AARP phone discounts from many cell phone providers, and here we’ll answer the related question about the AARP Jitterbug phone discount and what cell phone does AARP recommend for seniors?

AARP Jitterbug Phone Discount

The AARP organization provide discounts in many fields for its members and also recommend other products and services that have a good value to the senior citizens and over 55 people. AARP recommended the Jitterbug phones through the AARP selection (magazine) and didn't provide any discount on the Jitterbug phones or the Jitterbug cell phone plans.

Check out the AT&T 55+ plan

Check out the free landline phone service

AARP Jitterbug Phone Plans

The Jitterbug Plans are offered by GreatCall and start as low as $15 per month for 200 anytime minutes. The plans are tailored to fit the senior citizen and emergency phone users so that you can carry out the unused minutes up to 60 days. GreatCall allows you to add text and data package if you need and the best option available by the Jitterbug service is the health and safety packages, you can see more details at the Jitterbug phone plans review.

AARP Jitterbug Smartphone

The AARP website and the AARP magazine advertised the Jitterbug Touch as an easy-to-use smartphone for seniors also if you are a senior who is looking for a smartphone you should consider the Jitterbug Smart.

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