AARP Sprint Discount - Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Admin 6/20/2016
Many Sprint senior customers are asking how they can get AARP Sprint discount from Sprint as Sprint doesn’t offer any special cell phone plans for seniors. Here we discuss how AARP members can get AARP cell phone discount from Sprint helping them to reduce spending on the cell phone bill and saving some money and check out the available Sprint cell phones for seniors.

AARP Sprint discounts

As known there;re no Sprint cell phone plans for seniors but actually the AARP Sprint discount isn’t the only discount you get from Sprint, you can get other discounts if you have an AAA membership, if you are one of Costco employees, or one of UPS employees, credit unions, and military. If you are one of the mentioned categories you are eligible to receive Sprint discounts.

The AARP organization aims to help 50 years and older people to improve their lifestyle by announcing the valuable services and products for senior citizens. AARP successes to be a source for promotions and news for seniors and older people. Not only that, but this nonprofit organization also makes agreements with some valuable products owners. In the cell phone service field, AARP also made agreements with Consumer Cellular, and AT&T Wireless to help seniors to get the cell phone service with affordable prices.

Sprint has the policy to allow the customers to get discounts, this policy states that the customer has to verify the right to get the discount by sending the documents that prove his/her membership or employment via E-mail or fax. So, if you don’t have AARP membership, you have to visit AARP website and get your membership, which will cost you less than $15 per year and will save more than you think.

Two Ways to Getting AARP Sprint Discount

There are two ways you should follow one of them to apply for an AARP Sprint discount, the first one is to go to one of the Sprint retail stores with a copy of your AARP membership documents to prove your membership and all you have to do is to fill out the forms of Sprint discount programs.

The second way is to log into your account on Sprint website and fill out the forms of the Sprint discount program, then wait until receiving verification. If you verified as eligible, you will be asked to upload or fax the documents that prove your AARP membership. Once you get an AARP Sprint discount the contract between you and Sprint wireless will extend by 2 years.

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