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Providing free phones for seniors is the best option for low-income senior citizens. Cell phones allow seniors to communicate with their family members and it is considered as a perfect tool that they can rely upon for emergency situations, especially when the access to immediate emergency health care is needed. Here we preview the possible options for getting free phones for seniors and show you how to qualify.

free cell phones for seniors

The Lifeline Assistance Program

The Lifeline Assistance Program - also known as the Obama Phone Program – is a government sponsored program, which aims to provide free cell phones for seniors and low-income citizens. This program offers free cell phones along with a free cell phone plans for seniors who qualify. The available cell phone plan is usually up to 250 minutes per month, but it may differ from one provider to another.

How to Get Free Phones for Seniors?

There are two ways to qualify for the lifeline assistance program; the first is by proving your income is 135% below the Federal Poverty Guidelines in your state, then you are eligible to get free phones for seniors and the second if you are currently receiving benefits from one of the public assistance programs such as the following programs:
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
  • Supplementary Security Income (SSI).
  • National School Lunch Program’s Free School Lunch.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.
  • Public Housing Assistance.
  • Food Stamps.
  • Medicaid.

If you don’t qualify and need to get a senior cell phone with affordable price, there are other cell phone companies offer cell phones along with low-cost cell phone plans for seniors.

Free cell phones for seniors Verizon :
Many senior citizens ask about free cell phones for seniors Verizon offers, you can check out the Verizon Cell phones for seniors.
AARP free cell phones for seniors :
Others ask about AARP free cell phones for seniors, you can check out the AARP phones for senior citizens.

Free Cell Phones for seniors Providers

Free phones for seniors are available through many of Lifeline program providers covering almost all of the states. There are three main providers covering most of the states: Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless, and ReachOut Wireless. Alongside theses nation providers, there are many other regional companies such as
  • Assist Wireless.
  • True Wireless.
  • I-Wireless.
  • Life Wireless.
  • StandUp Wireless.
  • Budget Mobile.
  • Care Wireless.
  • Terracom Wireless.
Some of these cell phone providers offer better deals than the others, such as offering free smartphones for seniors; not advanced smartphones but phones with touchscreens now many Lifeline providers offer an Android smartphone. So, below are some tips to choose the best deal for you.

Tips to choose the best provider:
  • Each state has many free cell phone providers, you have to find out who serve your area.
  • One of these companies may offer more free minutes or allow additional reduced cost minutes, compare between the free cell phone companies in your area to get the best deal.
  • Then you have to sign up to the lifeline program on this company website or you can do that with mobile vendors at street fairs.

Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless is one of the promising Lifeline providers and offers a free smartphone along with free 1000 voice minutes, unlimited texts, and 1 GB of data every month. Senior citizens who considering this plan or any of the previous two plans should use their zip code to check if they are within the coverage of plan provider.

Safelink Wireless

safelink wireless

Safelink Wireless company is owned by Tracfone and offers a basic free cell phone along with 350 minutes and unlimited text messages per month. The cell phone has features like Voicemail, Text messaging, Call waiting, Caller ID.

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is a subsidiary of the Virgin Mobile Corporation and offers a simple free cell phone along with a free cell phone plan that provides 350 minutes a month and unlimited text messaging. The free phone comes with basic features like texting, and instance messaging now Assurance offers a free Android smartphone and offers up tp 2 GB of data in some states.

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911 Emergency Call Cell Phones for Seniors

Any cell phone with a charge can place an emergency call by dialing 911, even without being connected to any cellular service from any provider. Some organizations collect second-hand cell phones and provide them as free phones for seniors for the emergency with no minutes. If you need an emergency 911 cell phone you can check website or look for a local program in your area.

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