Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2022 - Senior Cell Phone Plans 2021

Admin 12/18/2021
Here is a preview of the best cell phone plans for seniors 2021 which are offered by cell phone companies catering to the seniors’ specific needs. Here you will find the best deals for senior cell phone users who would like a cell phone for the occasional call or the emergency and also the frequent talkers. If you are looking for the best health care options, there are many cell phone plans for senior citizens are offered to obtain the assurance of 24/7 access to the medical help when needed.
Check out the best senior cell phone plans 2021

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Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2021

Find out the best cell phone plans for seniors in 2021 including the best cheap, emergency, fixed data, and unlimited data plans.

Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan - Best Unlimited Cell Phone Plan for Seniors

This is one of the best unlimited plans for seniors and is targeted for customers who are 55 years old and older, and is available in Sprint Wireless stores only.

Sprint Unlimited 55 Plus Plan Features:
  • Unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data.
  • Video streams in DVD quality.
  • The threshold for the high-data speeds is 23GB.
  • Global roaming is available in more than 200 countries.
  • 3G speeds Hotspot data.

Sprint 55+ Senior Plan Cost
  • You pay $55/month or $50/month with autopay for a single line.
  • You pay $80/month or $70/month with autopay for two lines.
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Low-Cost Senior Phone Plans - Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular offers no contract cell phone plans for seniors, which are created to meet the seniors’ needs and budgets. Consumer Cellular offers a low cost per minute cell phone plans for seniors, the $15 voice monthly plan provides 250 minutes; that means 6 cents per minute. The $17.5 monthly plan gives you unlimited talk. If you are not a heavy cell phone user or using your cell phone for emergencies the $15 plan may be your best deal.

Consumer Cellular Talk plans:
  • 250 minutes for $15 per month.
  • Unlimited minutes for $17.5 per month.

Consumer Cellular offers unlimited talk, text and a package of high-speed data. these plans are targetd to smartphone users and are listed below.
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 500MB of data for $15/month.
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of data for $20/month.
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of data for $25/month.
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 15GMB of data for $30/month.
  • Unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data for $35/month.

With Consumer Cellular you have the advantage to bring your own device; if it is compatible (the cell phone should be unlocked GSM phone or previously used with AT&T or T-Mobile networks), there are no activation fees and you get a free SIM card. If you don’t have a compatible phone, Consumer Cellular has simple and easy-to-use senior cell phones like the Doro 7050 and also has many smartphones including iPhone models. If you are an AARP member you can get AARP cell phone discount on your monthly plan and cell phone accessories.

Best Emergency Senior Cell Phone Plans - Seniors Wireless

Seniors Wireless provides nationwide coverage through Sprint’s network and offers no-contract cell phone plans for seniors and over 50 years, old people. The SIMplicity plans offered by Seniors Wireless start as little as $5 per month. The SIMplicity $5 plan is one of the cheapest cell phone plans for seniors, which comes with a combination of 50 mins/text/Mb for a month and you can talk to other seniors wireless members for free. If you need more minutes or text or data you can go for the $10 plan to get a combination of 100 mins/text/Mb for a month and finally with the $20 plan you get a combination of 400 mins/text/Mb for two months. With Seniors Wireless, you have the option to bring your own compatible cell phone for free or you can purchase a new one or get a refurbished Smartphone from Seniors Wireless collection.

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Seniors Wireless also offers the Wellness cell phone plans, which provide telemedicine Assist services and start as little as $30 per month and give you unlimited access to health professionals and doctors 24/7 to ensure you can have medical help at any time.

Best Senior Cell Phone Plans - GreatCall

GreatCall is providing coverage via Verizon’s network and is catering to the seniors’ needs by offering cell phone plans for seniors and other safety, health services. GreatCall allows you to choose from specially designed cell phones for seniors (Jitterbug cell phones) and offers medical care services such as the Urgent care, 5-star Medical Alert Service, MedCoach and Link phone application. These services and apps let you turn your cell phone into a personal safety device if you choose any of the Health and Safety Packages.

GreatCall cell phone plans for seniors start as little as $14.99 for 250 anytime minutes per month and text plans start at $3 for 500 text messages per month. The safety and health care packages start with the basic package, which includes the 5-Star service that lets you use the emergency assistance and health advice at any time 24/7 for only $19.99. If you subscribe to one of the safety and health packages you will get up to a 50% discount on your monthly minute’s plan.

GreatCall offers only two senior cell phones, the first one is the Jitterbug flip, which is an easy-to-use flip phone with 5 star response button, and is available for $99. The second is the Jitterbug smart, which is a smartphone with built-in safety and health applications and is available for $149.99. Finally it is clear, GreatCall offers the best cell phone plans for seniors 2021 when it comes to safety and health care.
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Here is a detailed review of the AT&T cell phone plans for seniors and the available AT&T senior discounts. AT&T wireless network provides nationwide coverage and is considered one of the reliable wireless networks in the United States. AT&T added a new phone plan that is called AT&T 55 plus plan. AT&T senior plans 2021 serve both types of senior phone users, the new one is an unlimited phone plan for people age 55 and over, while the other plan is for basic phone users and is available for people age 65 and over. Let’s review the AT&T senior discount plans and show senior citizens how to save some money.
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Verizon Wireless responds to the T-Mobile 55+ plan with the Verizon 55 plus plan. The new plan is targeted towards senior citizens and offers most of the Verizon Go Unlimited plans features at discounted rates. The Verizon 55 plus plan represents a Verizon senior discount and allows you to save up to $50 per month compared to the Verizon standard plan. Unlike the old Verizon senior plan, which is called Verizon 65 plus plan, this plan is for basic and smartphone users. Let’s review the Verizon Wireless plans for seniors showing their features, cost, who is eligible, and how to apply and tell you what is the Verizon 65 plus plan.
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Admin 12/01/2021
Verizon Wireless has a wide collection of phones including almost all the iPhone models and Samsung high-end devices along with many basic cell phones. If you’re looking for Verizon flip phones for seniors, Verizon Wireless has a small collection of easy-to-use flip phones, it doesn’t have senior-friendly cell phones like the Jitterbug or Doro phones, but the available Verizon flip phones 2021 can represent a good solution for many senior citizens.
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